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The automation of digital content marketing
engage with your audience in real time as social media posts come to life.

Your strategy in the distribution of information can be the significant breaker or maker on your bottom line. When done right it directly correlates to your market reach resulting in higher revenues and accelerated business growth. But information distribution management is not as simple as it once used to be. Online marketing is complex. Real-time accessible data and connected mobile devices have redefined distributed content. The high demand for online content has both opened new doors and created new challenges in marketing, offering large audiences, low cost content distribution, and real-time data analytics to track the success of today’s modern marketing/sales efforts. Pulling from traditional sales and marketing we can begin to create a foundation for an online marketing strategy by combining the benefits of technology based information distribution – Information Automation (IA). IA leverages the power of technology to transform traditional sales performance into the future sales marketing business model. IA combines best practice elements and processes for large distributed information management.

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