I’m my own barrier

I tend to find I am my own barrier to online conversation engagement.  I look at many online conversations and make the subconscious decision often “I shouldn’t respond to that”. Is the conversation too political, socially awkward, offensive to some, too emotional, too playful during work hours, not the right tone, a topic I don’t know much about, maybe just not the right moment.  The right moment to introduce yourself, your product or service is often missed primarily because we were not willing to engage driven by simply being human in which we are compromised by what makes us human; doubt and sensitivity to others. Both are compounded by the fact our time is short and valuable leading us to decisions that result in lost opportunities.


I’m then reminded when I do engage that it wasn’t so bad, I actually get “likes”, I actually get “feedback”, I actually get “clients”! So the problem is simply me.  How do I take “me” out of the process to get more likes, more feedback, and more clients?


If you like social automation or not the fact is that social engagement response automation is used by every fortune 100 company today.  Well over 30% of digital content is automated by the top most successful online companies so then why are we, the small to medium sized business, so afraid of automation?  To me it’s like having a horse in a car race.


Social automation doesn’t mean bland, generic, and robot like content.  Without knowing it you’ve already engaged in social automated conversations.  Automated social response conversations are natural, and on topic every time.   We’re not talking about street light, ATM, Customer service call, or navigation automation.  This is an entirely different type of automation that seamlessly engages in conversations based on intelligent and strategic design.  You would actually have to tell someone they are having an automated conversation for them to know the difference.


Another benefit of automating my social marketing is I can reach a broader audience while only engaging in very specific topic conversations.  Rather than spending hours skimming limited content in which I can only read titles and first sentence primary content social automation scans all content and as many venues as I choose without limitations.  Compare it this way;

Me Single social feed 1 hour 20 posts read 3 engagement responses
ailign hundreds of social feeds 5 seconds thousands of posts scanned 50 engagements


Each engagement is direct and specific to a topic in which I control, the responses are ones in which I create, automation simply puts it all together in massive volume.  The results are amazing.


ailign.com – align listens to millions of conversations seeking out the ones that apply the most to your product/service. Now, fortunately, this doesn’t yet replace the need to get out of the house/office and build relationships where you’ll still need a good connection pitch.

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