May 24, 2016

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Digital Response Automation

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» Power of Influence – Over 60% of U.S. consumers have made purchases as a direct result of a social post recommendation.

» Essential for marketing – 80% of businesses are participating in Social marketing from a simple social page to full-time staff dedicated to social engagements.

» Improve your social presence – Digital content provides your audience something to share about your brand on social media.

» Build inbound traffic – Consumers use Social forums 3x more than search engines for information discovery making social automation ideal for SEO.

» Boost confidence – By maintaining engagement with your audience on a regular basis they will know your business is healthy and thriving.

» Keyword rich content – Search engines limit the amount of keywords a page can have, social venues have no limitations, the more keywords you use the more specific greater your target audience.

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High value services, invaluable results.

Digital content automation is essential on any budget.  As the leader in social response automation we specialize in high volume digital content that persuades, engages and entertains.

» Hosted Social ai packages starting at up to 5,000 response posts per month – All package includes campaign management, Social CRM, and Reporting.

» Unlimited keyword/phrase targeting – Every response should be specific to the conversation. ailign allows for an unlimited amount of digital engagement keyword to response combinations.

» Support – Our team will help you create and you communicate in an engaging format.

» SEO – We optimize digital content (when applicable) for search engines.

» Click-worthy links – drive valuable product/service traffic from social media clickability.

» More than response driven content – Post images and media to millions worldwide through social venues.