10,000 posts before breakfast

There’s an argument to be had pertaining targeting and volume in marketing as to which is the better approach but what if you could do both?  It’s a redundant question because you, a human, couldn’t.  However, a robot could.  It types a bit faster than you do and it has a tendency to get less distracted even when it doesn’t have breakfast.

My robot monitors about 1 million online conversations taking place in real time.  When a conversation takes place that can benefit from my participation I jump right in – well not me directly, my robot.  Sounds a bit rude doesn’t it, well in social terms it actually flows right into the conversation and more importantly it was sought after by my audience and appreciated and that sounds nothing like marketing.

ailign is my robot, a simple undistracted work engine that is always out there looking for my perfect client with unmatched targeting accuracy.  ailign scans social pages in real-time seeking out conversations with specific keywords and phrases.  When these keywords and/or phrases are identified ailign generates an intuitive response specific to the conversation on my behalf.

If you haven’t experienced a lot of success with social media marketing you’re not alone.  About 99% of branded social posts get ignored primarily because they don’t apply to the conversation taking place.  Ever notice months after you shopped and purchased something online it still shows up as a recommended product service of interest banner ad?  This is about the extent of what most online marketing companies sell as content automation.  Common online marketing tactics are annoying, abrasive, and do not reflect a brand well.   This is why volume is often the more sought after solution in if you figure you aggravate about 1 million people at least one of them might take an interest…

Though I’m not entirely opposed to mass social marketing but when used so generically and without focus It’s about the most wasteful and often brand damaging marketing tactic you can put effort into.  Another wasteful online marketing initiative is when companies retain social media influencers that supposedly post their use of your product/service.  Some might consider this targeting but the results are just as discouraging, sure you get to a smaller, more direct audience, but in a method that is over commercialized and looks phony with a minimal highly overstated distribution audience.  An Influencer is such a vague term in that they typically don’t really influence anyone other than you to put money into their banks.

There is a legitimate opportunity for product/service placement within the largest audience venue today, social media, and it’s not with traditional overrated and often expensive methods.  There are real conversations taking place every day in which topic specific products/service can benefit from by simply being included into the conversation in a natural and unobtrusive manner.   This is why align works so well. ailign response automation averages a link click through rate of over 13%!  To appreciate how impressive this is; 1% is considered a very successful PPC campaign and  .04% is considered a successful influencer post campaign.   Another significant benefit is cost.  An ailign campaign is about 1/10th the cost of most traditional online social media marketing services.

Here’s how ailign stacked up;

Brielleonline.com Song Download Page

Brielle is an American Pop Sensation singer songwriter just now releasing her first self-titled LP “BRIELLE”. Brielle’s goal was to build a social media audience while introducing her music prior to the official release of her album.  This was a dynamic opportunity for ailign in that it provided a completely clean slate to start with in building page traffic.  We created a fresh new unpublished site landing page that hosted a downloadable song from her soon to be released LP; www.brielle.com/rocket.  The campaigns objective was to target similar genre artists public social pages and when the conversation was about new music introduce Brielle.

Ailign responses were created specific to each individual social page monitored making the responses very specific to the conversations taking place.  Sample response:

“Have you heard of Brielle? She is crazy talented – sings and plays the violin! Found this link on her site to Rocket. The lyrics in this song are crazy!  brielleonline.com/rocket”

Campaign average daily auto response posts:  170

Campaign public pages monitored: 10

Average daily landing page traffic: 42

% campaign traffic to posts:  24%


Hi-Five Facebook Page

The legendary 90s R&B group Hi-Five, known for such classics as “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game),” is back! With a new EP and lineup, the fellas are on a mission to reclaim the charts and capture the hearts of fans, old and new and the band plans to use Social media as its primary marketing venue to build that new audience.

The Band’s manager and youngest member is focusing on developing event participation opportunities.  These events promote substantially on FB and most with large audiences.    The campaign goal is to re-introduce and engage the popular 90’s band with its modern social audience by building its FB subscriber and follower base.

Ailign monitored FB public music venue pages for specific artist genre conversations.  When Sample response:

If you are a fan of Salt n pepa go check out Hi-Five on FB they used to roll together http://www.facebook.com/officialhive


Campaign average daily auto response posts:  130

Campaign public pages monitored: 5

Average increase in FB page traffic:  over 100%!

ailign FB campaign.fwAccess Health Insurance group insurance website

Insurance is not your common topic in social media channels making this an ideal ailign demo campaign.  Banner and influencer ads get ignored and lost in the vast amount of other ads placed in-line with social media feeds which moves content quickly to the bottom of the page never to be viewed.  Access Health Insurance (AHI) was paying quite a bit per mo. in online content placement with no realized brand or new business value.

AHI was seeking a more direct solution in targeting online business leads based on their immediate needs for health insurance with a pending industry enrollment deadline coming up.  Leveraging ailign AHI was able to target social content with specific keywords relating to insurance services.  When identified an automated pre-templated response was posted driving social media leads directly to the AHI website.

AHI drove significant qualified traffic to its new group insurance website while reducing online marketing costs by upwards of 70%!

Ailign generated many auto responses on behalf of in-house free Influencers and posted them in-line of the original post when the conversations were specific to a product/service AHI could offer as a solution.  Sample response:

“The insurance industry is frustrating.  I reached out to AccessHealthIns.com a few months back and they got me all setup – I didn’t have to do anything!  they are Amazing!! :)”

Campaign average daily auto response posts:  52

Campaign public pages monitored: 22

Average daily landing page traffic: 14

% campaign traffic to posts:  27%


Want to learn more about ailign?  Check out the ailign calendar for upcoming application demonstrations.  http://www.ailign.com/calendar/

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