February 9, 2017

ailign Privacy Policy

Information we collect is used to provide services to 5 Minute Inc. ailign application users in association with their individual account use.  Our goal is to collect only the minimum amount of data needed to provide our clients with the highest level of service.  Information collected that might be stored both locally, on your browsing device, and within the ailign application might include;

  • When you sign up for an ailign account you will be asked to provide you legal name, address, and contact information.
  • Billing information if you are utilizing a paid service of 5 Minute Inc. and/or it’s affiliates as provided through the align application.
  • During your visit to any of our website pages information might be obtained such as IP(Internet Protocol) address, duration of time spent on that page, location, browser information, and navigation activity to/from that page.
  • Personal Social Media account information that will be used within the application api to manage post content on your behalf.
  • ailign account login information such as login activity, passwords, details of how you used our services, data entered into the ailign system.
  • From time to time we might collect data utilizing cookies or similar technologies to identify you upon return to our websites.
  • Phone interaction with ailign team members and/or associates in providing support for ailign and/or our affiliate service providers.

Information collected is treated as personal information and at no time is shared or given access to by 3rd parties that do not have cause to service your use of ailign services.  Information collected is specifically used to cater to and benefit your personal experience in the utilizing of ailign services.  System use history information is used to improve upon the use of the ailign application from simplified navigation to providing online support tools in response to user experience and feedback.


Managing your information

Personal information collected within the ailign application can be managed within the ailign application setting controls you can modify any personal information associated with your account.

You may set your browser privacy as desired to control the type and amount of information that is shared while visiting a 5 Minute Inc. website


Shared Information

5 Minute Inc. does not share any personal information with other businesses, organizations or 3rd parties unless the use of that information is in specific conjunction with the services provided though ailign.  Information shared might include;

  • statistical data as used to provide reporting through 3rd party applications such as google analytics or statcounter.
  • legal request to meet compliance with applicable laws and/or regulations as enforced though proper legal requests.
  • collection organizations to purse outstanding payments
  • ailign account information might be provided to our affiliates or other trusted service providers to provide service resources used in conjunction with the ailign platform
  • Non-personal identifiable information might be shared with content publishers and/or advertisers to manage services as provided within the ailign application


Sale, merger, or acquisition of 5 Minute Inc. and/or ailign

Our goal through any such transaction will be to ensure the responsible use and transfer of information in that it’s only purpose is to continue providing services as outlined within our privacy policy.  In such an event formal notice will be given to all active users allowing a reasonable amount of time to remove information they do not wish shared and/or transferred.


Information Security

5 Minute Inc. utilizes standard and updated encryption services such as two step verification, SSL, and encrypted passwords.  We use industry standard resources to safe guard our servers and constantly access our collection of data, storage, and access security resources for the purpose of improving our information security infrastructure.  Access to personal information is restricted to authorized 5 Minute Inc. team members in confidentiality that only do so in providing direct customer support.


Changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change and/or append our privacy and use of service policies from time to time without notice and without your explicit consent.  Updates to our privacy and/or use policies will be posted and made available upon such changes from any of 5 Minute Inc. websites.


Our goal is to collect only the minimum amount of data needed to provide our clients with the highest level of service.