June 2, 2016


social media tipping point

What is ailign?

Enterprise software that enables targeted content distribution based on audience demand, opportunity triggers, and marketing strategy.

ailign is delivered as a cloud service automating which was once many manual marketing and sales channel tasks.  With a common data repository and defined business rules in place information is dynamically delivered in real-time on target every time.

There’s a significant growing business challenge in competing with online large marketing budget competition.  IA enable companies to not only compete one on one regardless of budget but to crush the completion when it comes to real-time demand information distribution.

This makes IA a real-time sales opportunity response strategy for large and small enterprises that have a singular goal in mind:  they want to dominate direct-to-market online sales.

A company doesn’t have to be high tech to benefit from IA.  There are no boundaries in the type of product/service offering that benefits from an IA strategy.  Everything from high tech to professional services, manufacturing, financial, clean tech, insurance, retail, and industry all could benefit from IA.

ailign is not SEO

Most online marketing professionals would agree that they would like to get a higher level of direct opportunity engagement from search engine positioning.  Though SEO sales leads have an estimated 15% close rate Less than 50% of searches occur on search engines, most occur within device specific directories and apps.

At the end of the day we want to increase growth and lower cost of sales.  The cost of SEO as a competitive bid service often results in an increased cost of sales.  Search engines don’t provide any qualification other than a generalized interest in a specific topic or keyword.   This is a distinct feature in ailign.

If you closely look at SEO solutions you will notice they are cost prohibitive for engaging in new sales opportunities at a direct buyer level.  ailign is designed for cost-effective individual direct opportunity engagement while providing unmatched visibility into buyer specific activities and behaviors.

ailign provides you direct insight into who specifically is searching for your product by lifestyle and interests allowing you the ability to customize the information they receive about your product/service offering customized specifically to them.

ailign incorporates CRM

CRM was designed to manage client relationships through information collection and management empowering companies to cater directly to their customers/clients extremely effectively and accurate to their needs.

ailign is all about customer and contact management taking a page out of the emerging social media marketing to unleash a new era of data-driven client relationship resources.  CRM has historically been about data input whereas IA is about data resourcing.

ailign is centrally focused on sales and marketing automation combining customer and contact management with demand generation content distribution.

Social Media sources provide rich data analytics to understand the performance and behaviors of the target market like never before.  Automated measurement is an inherent aspect of the automation model, transforming CRM in a CRIA – information-driven practice driving greater target market product/service performance and business growth.

ailign leverages Social Media

Social Media is the foundation for client opportunity and information management with only one activity to manage; listen.  Years and years of CRM data collection, organization, and filtering doesn’t come close to real-time social media content benefits.

Social Media streams allow you to pin point your buyer specific to their lifestyle, interests, activities and what they are doing right now.  By listening to your potential buyer Social Media posted content you can react to a call to action the moment it happens providing you a dynamic opportunity to be the first solution specifically targeted to the buyer’s immediate needs and wants.

How is ailign different from Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is a lot like fishing from a small boat in the middle of the ocean.  You know there are millions of fish out there and hope that maybe one of them will be exactly where you are at the moment in which you put your line in the water.  And just like fishing sometimes you get no response at all.  IA represents millions of lines and not just in random spots but very specific spots with very specific bait.

The most obvious difference in IA compared with traditional marketing is the ability to streamline all facets of the lead through client process, from product/service introduction to fulfillment, then to customer relationship thereafter.  The tools to make this possible are already used today but limited by the methodology that drives traditional marketing concepts.

How Does ailign drive more Sales?

Envision following someone around 24/7 that is your potential target customer, in a non-threatening manner…, then the moment they have a need for your product you are right there, first in line, to provide them an immediate qualified solution to their needs that is presented in a manner that caters to what you’ve learned about their lifestyle and activities.

Of course we can’t physically follow our potential customer around all day and night, that would become quite awkward and require tremendous resources.  But we can, at very little cost and effort, be virtually and digitally involved in their millions of lives 24/7 thanks to social media information automation.

Become a demand product/service opposed to a passive ad

Sales occur when a need surfaces and require a product/service is in the right spot at exactly the right time when that need hits you potential customer.  IA is the ability to monitor millions of social media data streams for specific needs that fit precisely within your product/service offering genius.  Once a need is identified information is automatically shared directly to the potential buyer.

Social Media information Influence (DIW)

  • Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals
  • 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions
  • 44% of female social media users say bloggers influence their purchase decisions

Millennial Consumers (Ad Week)

  • 93% usually read reviews before making a purchase
  • 89% believe friends’ comments more than a company’s claims
  • 93% bought a product after hearing about it from a social post

Generate Channel Revenue

At the end of the day it’s all about new revenue.  IA transforms the lead management process by allowing social channels to drive qualified leads to then new channel opportunities.  By streamlining social content distribution and social engagement IA has a big impact on generating new revenue.

Solve a problem, gain a friend

The vast amount of social media content is the foundation for IA and once in play becomes a self-growing a viral resource for future IA marketing.  As you begin your campaign from day one it almost immediately takes on a life of its own.  Each post opens the door to new streams of relationships and new opportunities that invoke targeted precise demand response information to potential buyers.  No other marketing tool provides anything near the potential of the social grape vine.

Implementing an ailign Strategy

Unlike traditional marketing ailign doesn’t have a season, submission cutoff date, or period of time cycle of renewal.  The only limitations to an ailign campaign are the tools to manage the campaign.  And unlike adwords, banners, and PPC campaigns the cost to implement isn’t restricted by budget or audience.

An ailign campaign can be as simple as a targeted response driven stream in response to a specific social media post keyword found within its content. If you already know what keywords apply to your product/service, a general idea on target market demographics then today is a great time to begin your first campaign.

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