Be Social with Purpose

social purpose

Social Media is an excellent and powerful tool when properly leveraged towards a purpose.  Learning how to incorporate meaningful calls to action within posted content is a difficult challenge.

What did you post today, this week, this month that included a call to action?  The majority of posts are about lifestyles, experiences, products, services, general industry news, and opinions, but very few incorporate a purpose.  For some the purpose might simply be to demonstrate a bit about your subject knowledge, enforce a strong personal opinion, or express your witty sense of humor.  All valid reasons to post content in the right forum but how does that content serve a purpose to your potential audience?

90% of Social Media content I consider passive in context.  It doesn’t present a clear expectation of response by the reader.  Social media serves as a passive venue to hope for the best.  “If I post it, they will come” is often the mantra of those that use social media for the purpose of building their business.

Let’s break down a post to understand the opportunity a post presents:

  1. Post is born – taking about 1 to 2 hours in thought and content creation.
  2. Post is then distributed to one or many social media accounts that have collectively taken months if not years to develop, support, and cultivate an audience.
  3. Post is given about 1 to 5 minutes of distributed attention within your friend/contact audience before the next post takes precedence.
  4. Post is revisited by a small percentage of your contact base over a span of 2 to 4 days, if you don’t post again within that timeframe.
  5. Post is indexed on search engines, if appropriately posted, and you might get a handful of content viewers over the next year, say another 1%.

If we consider you have collectively 1000 contacts and have a fairly interesting post you should expect about 2% in immediate post views, another 1% short-term, and about 1% relevant post life (1 year for most content).  That’s a post distribution audience total of about 40 post views.  That might sound like an impressive number at first glance but we need to apply qualified buyers to audience.  If we assume all your 1000 contacts are “qualified” buyers (very unlikely to be more than 20%), then it’s easy to place value to a single post if we assume a total leads to sales average of 15%,, that results in about 6 potential customers.

For most small business that could result in more leads by cost of activity than virtually anything else you might do to create new business.  The unfortunate reality is our posts are lost before we give them any value.  We don’t treat posts as new business opportunities and therefore we don’t post with a purpose.  You wouldn’t go to a trade show and then simply throw away all your leads at the end of the day.  Unfortunately most posts end like any other tidbit of internet information; with a simple period.  Every post’s audience view is as equal in value as to a paid advertising campaign lead response.

What can you add to your post to include purpose? A Simple call to action;

  1. Click here to learn more about my products/services related to this post
  2. Purchase or Buy link
  3. Request for experience – “Give me your opinion”
  4. Like this post, subscribe to my mailing list
  5. Know someone that might benefit from this post – please share my contact information
  6. Redirect to your site or product/service splash page
  7. Contact me today to learn more link and/or contact details


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