Bot with attitude!

ailign attitude

The primary problem with social automation is it’s automated…  Most automated content is bland, has perfect grammar and spelling, lacks quirk, and simply yells out “I’m not human”.  When you subtract human from the conversation it either gets real interesting or simply boring.


If two robots are talking in the forest does it really matter?


Automation only works when it’s specific to the conversation and incorporates the quirks we call human, otherwise it simply looks automated…  I’d recommend being as specific as possible in context to what your responding to when leveraging social automation.  Post response content can be templated based on associated keywords/phrases and even further customized by location, event, and timing – this would make your automated responses a bit more personalized and look like you took an interest…

The best way to keep them off your bot track is to make your automated content look human by simply adding a bit of wit and bad grammar.  It works subconsciously just like distraction does in a magic trick.  When something is off key we quickly focus on the human aspect of errors.  In fact, so much so it sometimes goes in the complete opposite direction.  Rather than just trying to hide your bot you now provoked a whole conversation on how bad your grammar is…  I simply blame it on the bot.


The above doesn’t play out well in mass distributed content like mass email, post spamming, or ppc campaigns – it’s already known these are automated and simply looks in poor taste when errors are present.  If you’re going to take the time and expense to send out 1M emails it’s a pretty good idea to make sure you’ve checked your subject line spelling.  Mass distributed content does work, but the success rate is typically about .2%.  This is why you have to do it in mass.  I don’t even have to see your numbers to know you’re most likely less than this.  Targeted content response bots are a significantly smarter marketing tool that get results up to about 20%!


Marketing that should and shouldn’t be automated:


  1. Keep to the mass distribution content,  it’s fairly cheap and even with such small results any outgoing marketing is better than nothing at all. Keep Mass marketing campaigns professional with clear call to actions.
  2. When someone takes the time, one of that .2%, give them some respect of personally responding to their content submitted.  Bots are not a good alternative to direct human contact once a lead is qualified.  Pick up the phone and call them!
  3. Don’t send out links to your “schedule” calendar – these are useless tools that also scream “I don’t really do any work”…  Give someone a date and time to chat or simply PICK UP THE PHONE and call them.  What’s the worst that can happen, they say “no”… Most likely they’ll say “that time doesn’t work – well that’s great, because that means another time will!
  4. Don’t waste your time with dialers!  These bots will destroy your business both professionally and legally.
  5. Leverage a bot to “listen”, by monitoring social forum chat content, this is the best time to have a well equipped bot make an introduction.  Send your audience immediately to “human” connection resources.  They might get fooled chatting with a bot but they won’t be fooled to buy from one…


If you’re not embracing social bots and AI technology you are going to be spending a lot of $$ and time catching up to your competition, if at all possible.


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