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Digital Culture Marketing

There unfortunately isn’t a “one sentence” response to creating a successful digital marketing campaign but if we had to sum it up; A successful digital marketing campaign identifies the culture of the target market, then adapts lead generation techniques to culture specific psychology driven interactions. Your digital marketing strategy is crafted by evaluating and re-adjusting[…]

5Minute Check-up

Essential Components of an Online Presence Check-up

The 5 Minute online presence check-up incorporates several influences that directly impact your online presence. SEO Social Media Content Participation CRO According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses. Having a strong online presence is an essential component of your marketing strategy regardless of business size, type, or industry. An online[…]

type of leader

What kind of leader are you?

Get Big Fast (Tagline: Scale) Students tend to fit this category often with unbridled enthusiasm and optimism. Freedom Builder/Industrialist (Tagline: Creating Value in Emerging Markets) Often approaching a new venture with a been-there, done-that attitude about business, this leader brings business acumen but sometimes encounters a culture clash as he or she moves from more traditional[…]

SMRB, Social Media Relationship Building

Social Media is dynamic enough in the management of your friends and family but are you utilizing it as a venue to build customer relationships? So you have 1000 plus friends, what do you know about them?  Do they have common likes and interests?  When was the last time you simply browsed your friend/following list[…]

digital marketing

Does the 7 contacts to a sale rule still apply?

How does online digital marketing change up the classic 7 contact rule?   Rather than beat someone up with 7 points of contact why not incorporate a passive online marketing strategy that projects your product/service value without wearing out your welcome or your sanity. We’ve all heard about “low hanging fruit”.  That in essence is exactly[…]

Quick Marketing Plan Summary

Define your marketing plan by starting it with your product/service offering;   Exceptional performance and great value!  We ensure our products and services exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. If you’re doing something right a portion of your sales come from incoming web based inquiries combined with an established (small or large) client base[…]

What is an Influencer?

If you’ve never done so check out Google Trends Trending Searches.  What you’ll find is the reason an influencer is extremely valuable to your next marketing campaign.  The top several hundred most searched trending topics are 90% specific to people – they are Influencers. People are what we are genuinely interested in, what those people[…]