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Community Social Digital Marketing

Providing a professional service within a target community is among the most challenging and competitive sales environments.  A single community can be represented by dozens of real estate agents, insurance agents, health service providers, attorneys, bankers, and business consultants.  A community target market has a limited pool of potential consumers that get battered almost daily[…]

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Digital Culture Marketing

There unfortunately isn’t a “one sentence” response to creating a successful digital marketing campaign but if we had to sum it up; A successful digital marketing campaign identifies the culture of the target market, then adapts lead generation techniques to culture specific psychology driven interactions. Your digital marketing strategy is crafted by evaluating and re-adjusting[…]

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Autodialers, mass email, and social automation! Oh, my!

There are many scary things in the digital jungle to compete with if you’re a small company with a modest marketing budget.    Not utilizing mass distribution of content is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Your target clients are bombarded daily with an assortment of marketing tactics that incorporate mass volume distribution of content[…]

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Social Marketing Key Challenges

Social Automation enables real-time interaction with potential clients at the moment in which their everyday online conversations qualify them as a lead by listening in real-time to millions of real conversations for specific keywords, phrases, and topics that fit your market target audience. The speed at which new technology, communication channels, and customers adapt to[…]

SEO Scam

SEO is not a marketing strategy

Most online marketing professionals would agree that they would like to get a higher level of direct opportunity engagement from search engine positioning.  SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the top sought after online marketing services.  SEO driven sales leads from primary search engines such as Google or Bing result in an estimated 12%[…]

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Think Micro Social

Micro Social is the ability to place topic specific content directly in front of a targeted audience at exactly the right time. Social content posted in most forums is presented to a very broad audience and often placed alongside content that can be significantly unrelated or, even worst, sometimes directly competitive.  The concept of being[…]

Social Media step by step

If you assume LinkedIn has over 450 million users and over 3 million company profile pages, it’s well qualified to be the largest business social platform available. But does it really work for the average business? DMR Stats reports roughly 94% of small businesses use social media but less than 2% of their revenue can be[…]

Be the center of your online marketing strategy

How do I know you’re not so good at online marketing?  You are personally reading this post.  But if you stop now you’ll go on to the next post, and the next, and the next, without learning how to be amazing at online marketing. Let’s use the heat from the sun as our analogy.  What[…]

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Social Automation vs PPC

When considering social automation, the first thing to know is how does it compare to PPC (Pay-Per-Click). If you know what you spending on PPC it’s easy to compare a simple cost analysis and benefit if you know the value you are receiving from your PPC campaigns. Truth is most campaign managers don’t have a clue because[…]

I’m my own barrier

I tend to find I am my own barrier to online conversation engagement.  I look at many online conversations and make the subconscious decision often “I shouldn’t respond to that”. Is the conversation too political, socially awkward, offensive to some, too emotional, too playful during work hours, not the right tone, a topic I don’t[…]

Don’t be a social marketing bully

How you’re marketing online determines your audience and their opinion of you.  What you don’t want to be considered by your audience is a bully and it’s much easier to avoid then you think simply by listening.  Social listening helps you build an engaged audience with a positive brand presence. Listening is hard, even without[…]

My twitter thing is broken

Are you a business twitter junkie victim?  Did you or someone you love get bullied into setting up a business twitter account promising millions in followers, so many hits your site will crash, and millennials knocking down your door and all you had to do was use the pound sign thingy in front of every[…]

10,000 posts before breakfast

There’s an argument to be had pertaining targeting and volume in marketing as to which is the better approach but what if you could do both?  It’s a redundant question because you, a human, couldn’t.  However, a robot could.  It types a bit faster than you do and it has a tendency to get less[…]

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Digital Minute

A lot happens online in each minute of everyday.  This tremendous storm of content is being consumed by millions everyday at an unsustainable content growth rate.  Moz and Buzzsumo shows that the majority of content marketing has limited impact with 75% of blog posts they analysed getting fewer than 10 social shares and zero links from other[…]