Be the center of your online marketing strategy

How do I know you’re not so good at online marketing?  You are personally reading this post.  But if you stop now you’ll go on to the next post, and the next, and the next, without learning how to be amazing at online marketing.

Let’s use the heat from the sun as our analogy.  What if the sun decided to only focus on specific area’s all the time,  sit here for a while, sit there for a while,  maybe even just not move at all… that would make it quite poor at its primary job of warming a mass majority of the planet.  If you lived in one of those less focused areas you might begin to think the sun just sucks at its job…    So back to earth and you,  your job is to market, that is why you are engaged in a business social media venue.  But your focus is limited to being human which means you’re often distracted with a bit too much focus not allowing you to optimize your time.  The sun is automated, it simply has no choice but to provide a fairly even glow around the planet because 1st off the planets revolve around it.. and 2nd, it’s the sun…

If you’re simply posting within you own social accounts you are just like a sun that doesn’t move and that means you’re not so good at online marketing.  What if you can make social marketing revolve around you?  Are you still with me?  It’s actually not all that difficult.  First and foremost you have to think like the sun, you are the center of everything.  Some of you already do but in social marketing terms you do this by listening to your audience, all of your audience, all at the same time.  If you could imagine listening in real-time to about 300 million conversations do you think one or two of them might be really good opportunities for you?  That’s not just one lead every day, every week, or every month.  That’s one lead every moment of everyday.  Would this make you good at marketing?  I would think so,  more importantly you don’t have to take my word for it because marketing gurus are already doing it.  Those are the ones that didn’t read this blog they indexed it, or their computer did anyway, then that computer decided if anything in it should be worthy of engagement.  It’s that simple to be a marketing guru.

Want to make yourself the center of your marketing?,  where you can shine like the Sun, or something similar in marketing terms of shining.

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