Does the 7 contacts to a sale rule still apply?

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How does online digital marketing change up the classic 7 contact rule?   Rather than beat someone up with 7 points of contact why not incorporate a passive online marketing strategy that projects your product/service value without wearing out your welcome or your sanity.

We’ve all heard about “low hanging fruit”.  That in essence is exactly what social media marketing is.   I think anyone calling someone 7 times to close a sale is working way to hard.  Social Media has dynamically and forever changed marketing and sales.

Does becoming a trending topic get you more sales?  YES!  But not just more sales – easier sales broader distribution, direct interaction, and many other benefits;

  1. Customers that actually want or need your product rather those that just appease your persistence.
  2. In the moment sales based on emotional response triggers – “feel good sales”
  3. Broader audience approach results in substantially higher residual sales
  4. Your online connection allows you to directly share and leverage your success into new sales opportunities
  5. Real-time sales feedback

But maybe the rule is a bit more psychological and does necessarily apply to a specific method of contact.  Does the classic 7 phone calls translate well into 7 blogs, or 7 viral posts, or even as simple as 7 likes?  Possibly but I think we’re more likely demolishing the classic method and implementing an entire new marketing rule set.

If Social Media has done anything for sales it’s legitimized everything, in perception anyway.  Our culture tends to give everything online almost instant value.  “Someone took the time to post it, it must be true” appears to be the common sediment to most social content.  With so much content being posted by the minute who’s to police and filter the junk from the good?

When you call someone to introduce your product you often confronted with a wall.  Ever try to simply walk up to someone and introduce a product/service – it’s a bit more than a wall you’ll get sometimes.  It’s our natural defensive response when “out in the real world”.  But we drop all of that when we’re online, we’re distracted by random content no different than a dog by a squirrel.  “look!,   A picture of a cat!!!”… Why are we so easily distracted by the sales pitch online opposed to offline?  It’s a fairly simple answer – us.  We simply annoy each other in real life.  Once we take away the “real” we’re not so bad…

Social Media if it does anything it allows us to communicate with out the annoyances of each other; bad hair, bad breath, too close talker, a bit smelly in general, eye drifter, low hanging pants guy, erratic hand movements, awkward humor, etc… it’s amazing we socialize at all in the real world.

We’re at a different comfort level online and we feel safe taking in the world at our pace and within our own terms.  Mass Social Marketing is an ideal resource that breaks apart the 7 contact rule within this fast growing cultural change.  Now rather than beat someone up 7 times to buy your product all you need to do is get their attention once – when they most need and want your solution.  Could that translate to one time, three times, seven times, or even fifty times?  The point is that it doesn’t matter, the rule simply doesn’t apply to Social marketing.

David Raine

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