Don’t be a social marketing bully

How you’re marketing online determines your audience and their opinion of you.  What you don’t want to be considered by your audience is a bully and it’s much easier to avoid then you think simply by listening.  Social listening helps you build an engaged audience with a positive brand presence.

Listening is hard, even without technology.  Most companies and marketers translate listening into “I have to do more” and that results in many taking what they think is the easy road of online post saturation or basically online bullying.

What’s online marketing bullying?  Ad placements in areas in which there is no correlation between the ad and forum content being discussed, extremely annoying pop-ups, forms that require you to add your email before you see the page, and mass influencer posts that few see and fewer care to see.

If we don’t like these tactics ourselves why would we ever think someone else would?  It comes down to sheer numbers and the thought process that there’s a sucker in every crowd.  What a tragic method to implement a marketing strategy.  This is not brand building, it’s brand suicide.

When was the last time you visited a social forum and simply read the content page by page?  Most likely never according to webtrends, reporting that 99.9% of us qualify a post by image first, headline, then the first line – we don’t even read the first full sentence.   If none of this very minimal content is relative to our moment we’ve moved on without hesitation.  Our brains have evolved so fast within the online digital world it’s almost like we are machines ourselves.

Social listening is smart!  Rather than vomit content at an audience listen to what the audience is talking about.  There’s no difference between B2B and B2C other than the venues and spaces in which you target your listening.  You don’t have to spend hours manually reading social conversations past the 1st sentence, there’s a more modern approach called social response automation. With millions of conversations taking place in real time your listening capability must be pretty robust and the only thing capable of searching out specific topics from that much content is a machine built just for that purpose.

How do you use this amazing machine?

  1. Choose a robust listening tool that can handle both your traffic but can also think “outside the box”. Some good tools are;  google alerts,, talkwalker, Livefyre, infusionsoft, Sprout Social, and hootsuite.
  2. Know what you want to listen to and be specific. Is there a specific problem your product/service addresses – this is the conversation you should be looking for.
  3. Point it at social channels that fit your target market. Facebook has over 60 million businesses pages.  Over 30% of them post daily, about 20% post more than once daily.   Over 80% of us like at least 1 topic daily – that’s a huge engagement audience waiting to learn more.  I’m confident you’ll find more than enough pages to listen to that fit your target demographics and touch on topics in which you can add benefit and value to the conversation.
  4. Monitor your own page. What’s your response time from visitor comments?  The average company takes over 8 hours to respond to comments.  Less than 1% of all facebook comments get a response.  Low hanging fruit!
  5. Be ready to respond with dynamic on topic content with a call to action. Don’t just spam, make sure you content is specific to the conversation. This might require a good ai engine that that of ailign.
  6. Feed your engagement campaigns constantly with fresh response content, new topics to listen for, and new forums to monitor.

There are about a billion real conversations taking place everyday about real experiences.  Sometimes those experiences have an impact on your brand.  What if you could listen to all those conversations and engage to tell your story turning conversations into customers.  Welcome to ailign.


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