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Tell me what’s so social about social media.  Being social is about building relationships, but relationships are quite hard to build offline less online.  How do you build the key relationship component of trust when there’s the chance that the next online conversation you have could be with someone living naked in a trailer down by the river…

Online or offline, relationships build from trust through to respect then to credibility.  In order to start this process, you have to listen and understand what someone is saying and social media when used by businesses is often not a good listening tool. Modern digital marketing consist primarily of “push” campaigns.

Components to Building a Successful Brand Relationship

This is why business hire sales reps and the good ones get out of the office into the “real-world” where they shake hands, smile, and listen. Online marketing has become the lazy sales rep’s dream job.  Online marketing is typically deployed through volume information saturation then sit back and wait for someone to put their hand up.  Digital content marketing is about as annoying as that TV commercial, selling something you have absolutely no interest in and completely out of context of the show you were watching, thrown in just before the big finale. Why would we expect digital content push campaigns to work?

It’s true the online audience is out there and there are many opportunities to connect to them, but how do you make them want to connect back?   Volume appears to be the common poorly accepted method, but how do you interact with enough conversations to justify the time and energy it takes to find that one conversation that connects?   With millions of social conversations taking place every moment of everyday it appears to be a daunting and expensive task at the least. With the right tool it’s really much more simple than you think and it starts with just listening.

Introducing ailign, a cloud based digital response automation tool.  ailign listens to millions of conversations for specific identified keywords and/or phrases.  When identified ailign engages into the conversation.   The response rate for 1:1 engagement is substantial and typically over 20%.

Want to learn more about online digital automation?  www.ailign.com


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