Is Trump a Victim?

Political hate is quite powerful in fueling support from others for the one you hate. Small segments within crowds tend to rally in this type of “gang mentality” without much rational thought that appears to take place once the momentum gets going.  It’s both extremely obvious to those only a few feet outside of the mix and it drives all the attention to the “gang” activity opposed to the statements being made, typically resulting in direct support and/or consideration given to the initial target of the hate.

Imagining if marketing took this type of approach.  What if as a product brand we employed a marketing strategy that simply constantly slammed the completion with erroneous claims and statements?  Do you think our product brand image would be properly accessed to our goal?  Assume the statements were true would this make a difference in strategy?

Use Chipotle as an example – would it be beneficial for group of restaurants to do a bash campaign that called Chipotle the worst place in America to eat?   It’s a fairly relative and questionable statement but based on some factual recent events.  Who would benefit from this campaign?  I think the other restaurants would be considered the bully – this type of campaign would drive a passionate response in that Chipotle is already down for the count why keep kicking them.  I think the end result would be a negative impact on those that initiated the campaign and in the end significantly greater support of Chipolte.

This is not a new concept and extremely well thought out prior to any strategy that would even consider utilizing this type of marketing strategy.   It’s not a winning strategy, in fact, it’s extremely damaging.  Very well why you never see it happen outside of politics and why so many have a negative opinion on politics.

It’s part of our culture to be on the other side of the table and we change sides quite easily driven on emotional triggers.  Even after we see someone commit a violent crime that we all agree is “bad” a majority of us tend to levitate towards support of that criminal after we find out he was beaten by those that apprehended him.  Additionally that support towards the now perceived victim projects for quite some time propelling even more support to the point in which we completely forget the initial action/crime that took place.

Rather than post how much you hate a candidate, why not post how much you support another candidate and what benefits they bring to the table opposed to Trump…

Hopefully a lesson to learn in marketing strategy for some.

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