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ailign listens to millions of real-time conversations looking specifically for the ones that apply the most to your product and/or service within venues that cater to your target audience.  No hype, no naked photo’s, no puppies or kittens, no just left or got a job posts, no celebrity pics framed in quotes, and no coffee mug selfies.  Simple effective direct content marketing that gets to the point and drives immediate results.

Consider all the online conversations that can result in new client opportunities if you were just able to respond at the right moment.  Sales occur when a need surfaces and a product/service is in the right spot at exactly the right time.  Social automation creates the ability to monitor millions of social media data streams for specific needs that fit precisely within your product/service offering genius.  Once a need is identified information is automatically shared directly to the potential buyer resulting in sales.  Would it be beneficial to know when someone changed jobs, had a baby, retired, exited the military, moved out of state, or simply needed insurance?  These conversations take place every moment online and ailign is the tool to listen to them in real-time.

Health Insurance:  259,292 people talking about this

Life Insurance:  192,114 people talking about this

New job: 238,276 people talking about this

New baby: 231,215 people talking about this

Real-time Facebook conversation 1/11/2017

With over 70 million facebook public pages and millions of real-time conversations every digital minute of everyday there are bound to be conversations that would benefit from your product and/or service within Insurance Service market.

Click here to schedule a demo and get your first campaign up and running within minutes through smart automation.  ailign isn’t too big for anyone, there’s a free account plan for up to 500 direct engagement responses a month.


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