SMRB, Social Media Relationship Building

Social Media is dynamic enough in the management of your friends and family but are you utilizing it as a venue to build customer relationships?

So you have 1000 plus friends, what do you know about them?  Do they have common likes and interests?  When was the last time you simply browsed your friend/following list to explore how you can improve their lifestyle or business.  This is no different than doing a bit of discovery on a new client opportunity.  Do you group your contacts by interest, by association, by product/service value? Listen & observe who your audience is, what they do, what they like, and what they share.

Adding a friend or contact is about as far as most get in their social media marketing strategies.  Here the priority actions you should take in SMRB;

  1. Setup a business/service page. Don’t just “Friend” someone, engage them to like your page with a purpose.   Tell them why they should like your page and what it is specifically about.   It’s helpful to create a few specific templates to use in sending out invites and like requests.
  2. Make statements that reflect the value of your product/service. Social Media is a dynamic platform that evokes and thrives on personal experiences.   Your own conviction and confidence is more valuable than your product.
  3. Likes are significantly overrated. Having thousands of likes doesn’t mean you’ve sold a single thing.  Create a call to action in your posts  that gets viewers of your content to actually do something other than pressing like.
  4. Explore your audience, look at their pages, content and participate. People do pay attention to who is liking and commenting on their content.
  5. Create strategic content to specific groups of contacts. This enforces that you’re involved and have a connection with your audience.
  6. Don’t post too much! When you begin to gain some traction this is NOT the time to post more.  Relax, take a break between posts.  A general posts lifespan is typically 5 to 20 minutes.  Spread posts out a bit to allow for other content to fill in the gaps between posts.
  7. Don’t YELL at your audience. Keep posts informal.  A special isn’t special if it looks like advertising.
  8. Take SMRB off line. It’s great that you might meet clients online but it’s even more powerful when you take the relationship off line.  Get out and meet with your clients, call your clients, and build real relationships with your clients.

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