Good CRM should incorporate Social Automation

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CRM was designed to manage client relationships through information collection and management empowering companies to cater directly to their customers/clients extremely effectively and accurate to their needs.  Traditional CRM is dependent on human input making the collected data only as good as your time commitment to keep it up to date.

Social automation is all about customer and contact management taking a page out of the emerging social media marketing to unleash a new era of data-driven client relationship resources.  By incorporating data mining with data resourcing that allows you to be centrally focused on sales and marketing while combining customer and contact management with demand generation content distribution.  Rather than try to drive results you simply engage with leads and clients when the opportunity is perfect.

Technology today enables an evolution in CRM

New technology that combines AI with social data allows you to automate data collection and direct engagement through Social Media channels.  Social platforms such as twitter, facebook, and linkedIn are rich sites for data mining and collection of demographics, interests, and published content.  Data leveraged for specific target lead opportunities and management of existing clients.  This new methodology allows us to understand the performance and behaviors of the target market like never before by targeting very specific market segments with aligned interests and listening in real time to their social conversations which include topics of interest, likes, and needs.

For example, if you knew your target market liked specific topics of interest you simply focus your social CRM within very specific social channels that cater to that line of interest.  You can then apply filters such as demographics, interests, and even drill down into very specific public conversations taking place.  When the target is a perfect match to your opportunity goals an engagement is made through AI.  The responding target audience data is then collected for further opportunity follow-up, and management within your CRM.

The automated collection and constant measurement of data is an inherent aspect of the automation model, transforming CRM into CRIA – Customer Relationship Information Automation, driving greater target market product/service performance and business growth.

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