June 2, 2016

Social ai

ailign.com is just one of several digital services we use to generate demand for our clients’ products. At its core, ailign is designed to produce inbound leads by matching lifestyle, needs, and wants with products/service of our clients.  Leads can then be managed through a formal Social CRM campaign from lead to client.

As a combined solution, ailign and Social CRM, we drive real-time connections that result in real-time sales.

A majority of online social media marketing tools are expensive for the average business that needs them the most.  Knowing that social media is a fairly simple automated service that doesn’t require much support or in many cases further development effort once released it’s amazing that companies charge so much for such a simple solution.

5 Minute CRM, built from the award winning Chatter application, is the next stage evolution within data and information managed systems.  5 Minute CRM is 100% free and not only provides all the base tools found in the top CRM tools, we’ve modernized CRM by adding in Social Media contact and response automation, advanced task management, job scheduling, campaigns, communications, commission management, and much more.   We’ve also made the process of learning and utilizing CRM simple, easy to access, and full of automated communication tools.

Have you been searching for social response automation to manage your growing business or use within your consulting business to help your clients?

  • Socialbot – Social response ai
  • Advanced CRM
  • Job Scheduling
  • Commissions
  • Document Management
  • Training
  • Social Media
  • Web Forms
  • Campaign Management
  • Mobile Accessible
  • Google Integration