Social Media Sales Automation

Sales occur when a need surfaces and a product/service is in the right spot at exactly the right time.  Social automation creates the ability to monitor millions of social media data streams for specific needs that fit precisely within your product/service offering genius.  Once a need is identified information is automatically shared directly to the potential buyer resulting in sales.

There’s substantial confusion taking place in social media, most of which is being generated by the professionals within the market called “influencers”.  An influencer is exactly what the title implies, someone with influence.  But that influence doesn’t stretch as far as they would like you to think.    An influencer’s audience usually has a very specific interest that is a result of the activities that the influencer used to build that following.  For example a woman wearing quite little in post pics tends to get a lot of male followers…  Influencers are also quite deceiving in their numbers, though they might have posted something 3 years ago that got them 1M likes, what they post today most likely never gets seen by that original audience.  Back to the example if that same women with about 1M male followers’ posts something about a dress it’s pretty unlikely it will result in any sales…

When you apply need to sales the translation gets quite lost in the influencer space.  Unless you are selling something very specific to that influencers audience you’d have a much better change with a craigslist posting.   Influencers might have a large following but they generally don’t have effective conversations.  But with so much hype about influencers they are the ones in the right place at the right time.  An influencer can make between 100K and 300K a year by just posting a single brand message.  Influencers might apply well to big brands who often spend well outside the ROI to maintain a position within their market but for the rest of us we can’t afford to spend outside of our ROI, this means influencers should not be part of a smart online marketing budget.

Why not be your own influencer, The key to success is finding your audience when they need you the most opposed to when they just want to look at your pictures…  Don’t worry you don’t have to post naked pictures of yourself to sell your product.  All you need to do is post something specific about your product/service to a very specific audience that needs it when they need it the most.  The only way to accomplish this is through social listening.

Social Listening can only be accomplished through social automation.  With over 70 million facebook public pages and millions of real-time conversations every digital minute of everyday there is only one tool that can index and search through it all for very specific conversation that would benefit from your product and/or service:

ailign listens to millions of real-time conversations looking specifically for the ones that apply the most to your product and/or service within venues that cater to your target audience.  No hype, no naked photo’s, no puppies or kittens, no just left or got a job posts, no celebrity pics framed in quotes, and no coffee mug selfies.  Simple effective direct content marketing that gets to the point and drives immediate results.

Click here to schedule a demo and get your first campaign up and running within minutes through smart automation.  ailign isn’t too big for anyone, there’s a free account plan for up to 500 direct engagement responses a month.

Listen, engage, connect!

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