Social spamming, sorry… I meant “branding”

social branding or spamming

Forrester Research recently reported spending within social marketing is estimated at over 15.5 billion for 2016.   That’s an amazing number when you consider only 2% of all business communicated social posts are ever responded to according to Lithium Technologies who did a study with 85 brands.

Marketing has not yet evolved into social media.  Information distribution potential within social media is obvious but what isn’t obvious is what social media is.  Traditional marketing venues are typically one way distributed content streams;  print, radio, email, and media.  We’ve been marketing within these venues for so long we’ve developed an entire culture based strategy to the deployment of what we consider successful marketing campaigns.  Until now it’s always been all about the numbers – the more you distribute your message to the greater the potential of return.   Then think about what we did when the responses started to come in…  if they were good we’d want to get right on them as quickly as possible (call now operators waiting), but if they were bad we want to avoid them and threw in a little automation(press 1 to opt-out) to make it easier not to see or even be aware of the negative results of our mass intrusion into the lives of many.

Social Media doesn’t lend well to the opt-out culture of marketing.   Why?  Because it’s “Social”.  Rather than simply out-out about an annoying post or banner add social users will let you and everyone connected to them know that you wrongfully “invaded their personal social space” and opinion online do hurt.

This makes social media marketing a potentially dangerous game to play if you are applying traditional marketing strategies.  If do not have a plan of participation you have a miss informed perception of social media marketing benefits – the reality is you’re going to potentially damage your brand quicker than it took you to send out that first post.

One of the most common responses I get from Social Marketing Professionals is “my clients don’t get a lot of new business from Social Posts”.  What are they utilizing Social Media for then?  Branding appears to be the go to response.  For the most part Social media is a good venue for Branding if you have a well thought out social content engagement plan.  Without one your brand has a better chance of survival doing PPC then one way push content in a two way forum.

On your next Social Campaign treat it like you would a trade show;

  1. Maintain and track your posts in each venue
  2. Engage with everyone and anyone that responds – likes, shares, and comments
  3. Template responses specific for each type of interaction with an “ask” to a driven benefit
  4. Don’t just collect leads/contacts – create relationships, make a plan to continue the conversation with new information and updates.

Once you start thinking about the resources this takes alone you might want to reconsider your next “mass” social post to be a more specific target social post.  From this change in marketing strategy the next time someone asks you if you get “new” business from Social Media I’m confident you’ll say yes.

Does it sound like too much work?  ia can help with that.

David Raine

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