ailign AutoPost Campaign Planning

ailign (Automated Information) is a resource application for socially connected organizations, our social automation tools help you move fast and engage with your audience in real time as social media posts come to life.

Components of a ailign Campaign


Setting up a ailign Campaign:

The first step is setting up a campaign is to identify the campaign with a specific goal and/or engagement action that will result audience engagement:

  1. Brand engagement
  2. Customer service
  3. Site Visitors or page traffic/views
  4. Download
  5. Filled out Form
  6. Event notification
  8. New Contact

There is no restriction/limit to objectives but working one at a time is a great way to build out campaigns that are targeted for greater success.  Each goal requires a bit of focus in strategy and their might be a better “page” to target to leverage each objective.

social_inputsStep 1:  Choose a Social Venue to engage

Social venues are social media pages in which you target a potential audience for social engagement.  Once added to your campaign Socialia monitors data within a page.  Content entered into the page is monitored in real time for specific association with your campaign through Keywords.   Choosing a page to engage with is like choosing a particular store in a mall.  You simply associate your potential audience with a venue in which they are most likely to monitor and participate in.

For example;  setting up an event campaign  – goal is to drive shared information about an event within social channels.  We might want to focus on pages that cater to venues within a specific market, if our event was a concert these page types might apply well;  nightlife, concert series, private events, etc…

There are over 50 Million facebook business/venue pages.  ailign does not work with facebook personal pages for post automation.

To search for a page(s): Open up Facebook and from the top search bar do a search utilizing phrases or keywords that might represent your target audience.


Potential matching pages to your keywords are shown with the status of that page.  A page with a high amount of likes is a potentially highly active page in participation and engagement.  Try to identify 2 or 3 good pages to participate in for each campaign.

ailign_monitoringStep 2: Create Keywords to monitor

Keywords are an essential campaign component and used to trigger automated pre-templated responses.  You can have an unlimited amount of keywords associated with a campaign.  Keywords can consist of single words or phrases and are not case sensitive.

Keyword examples for an event might be:   weekend,  friday, saturday, concert, party, etc…

The amount of keywords deployed is a personal preference for campaigns that deploy a large amount of keywords there should be a direct correlation in the amount of pre-templated responses for each keyword created.  The greater the amount of keywords the greater the amount of templated responses.

Step 3: Create templated responses

Each keyword is associated with one or more templated responses.  These templates are applied when the trigger keyword is detected within a content feed on a monitored social page.

Responses are posted everytime a keyword is found within a content stream, though the system will not double post within the same thread it is possible that multiple posts can occur in line of each other in separate post threads.  This makes it important to have about 3 to 5 templated responses for each keyword applied to a campaign.

Responses should be written in first person natural conversation dialog.  Utilizing content like;  I, we, my, will make your content seem natural and flow well into the conversation dialog.

One Example response:    “check out this event I’m going to next Friday at “the event address/venue”,  hope to see you there.  It’s an open invite go ahead and share it! Check it out and give them a like at myfacebookpage”

Step 4:  Add influencers to your campaign

All social posts are published on behalf of an influencer through their personal social account. An influencer can be anyone with a validated social media account.  There is no limit or minimum on contacts, activity, or start date of the account.  In many cases companies will use their own team members as ailign Influencers.

There is no limit to the amount of influencers you apply to a campaign.  Influencers can be associated with more than one campaign.

Being a ailign influencer does not affect, change, or add content to their personal account.  All content post activity is done on shared public pages.


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