social targeting

Good CRM should incorporate Social Automation

CRM was designed to manage client relationships through information collection and management empowering companies to cater directly to their customers/clients extremely effectively and accurate to their needs.  Traditional CRM is dependent on human input making the collected data only as good as your time commitment to keep it up to date. Social automation is all[…]

I’m my own barrier

I tend to find I am my own barrier to online conversation engagement.  I look at many online conversations and make the subconscious decision often “I shouldn’t respond to that”. Is the conversation too political, socially awkward, offensive to some, too emotional, too playful during work hours, not the right tone, a topic I don’t[…]

Effective conversations

Tell me what’s so social about social media.  Being social is about building relationships, but relationships are quite hard to build offline less online.  How do you build the key relationship component of trust when there’s the chance that the next online conversation you have could be with someone living naked in a trailer down[…]

ailign AutoPost Campaign Planning

ailign (Automated Information) is a resource application for socially connected organizations, our social automation tools help you move fast and engage with your audience in real time as social media posts come to life. Components of a ailign Campaign Setting up a ailign Campaign: The first step is setting up a campaign is to identify[…]

Next generation AI – Samantha West evolved

Samantha West was a voice recognition auto-response application introduced in mid 2013.  Though not the first of its kind it was unique enough in that it was in its own pre-recorded voice “a real person”.   Voice recognition response is not all that complicated, the application simply looks for key phrases then prompts pre-recorded responses –[…]