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Community Social Digital Marketing

Providing a professional service within a target community is among the most challenging and competitive sales environments.  A single community can be represented by dozens of real estate agents, insurance agents, health service providers, attorneys, bankers, and business consultants.  A community target market has a limited pool of potential consumers that get battered almost daily[…]

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Digital Culture Marketing

There unfortunately isn’t a “one sentence” response to creating a successful digital marketing campaign but if we had to sum it up; A successful digital marketing campaign identifies the culture of the target market, then adapts lead generation techniques to culture specific psychology driven interactions. Your digital marketing strategy is crafted by evaluating and re-adjusting[…]

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Good CRM should incorporate Social Automation

CRM was designed to manage client relationships through information collection and management empowering companies to cater directly to their customers/clients extremely effectively and accurate to their needs.  Traditional CRM is dependent on human input making the collected data only as good as your time commitment to keep it up to date. Social automation is all[…]

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Think Micro Social

Micro Social is the ability to place topic specific content directly in front of a targeted audience at exactly the right time. Social content posted in most forums is presented to a very broad audience and often placed alongside content that can be significantly unrelated or, even worst, sometimes directly competitive.  The concept of being[…]

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Social Automation vs PPC

When considering social automation, the first thing to know is how does it compare to PPC (Pay-Per-Click). If you know what you spending on PPC it’s easy to compare a simple cost analysis and benefit if you know the value you are receiving from your PPC campaigns. Truth is most campaign managers don’t have a clue because[…]

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Bot with attitude!

The primary problem with social automation is it’s automated…  Most automated content is bland, has perfect grammar and spelling, lacks quirk, and simply yells out “I’m not human”.  When you subtract human from the conversation it either gets real interesting or simply boring.   If two robots are talking in the forest does it really[…]

Social Media Sales Automation

Sales occur when a need surfaces and a product/service is in the right spot at exactly the right time.  Social automation creates the ability to monitor millions of social media data streams for specific needs that fit precisely within your product/service offering genius.  Once a need is identified information is automatically shared directly to the[…]

are you listening?

are you listening?

They are talking about you, are you listening? We talk a lot about social media—the importance for your business to be on it and best practices for you to get started. Another important business challenge is productivity. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about both: how to be productive and consistent on social media.[…]

Don’t be a social marketing bully

How you’re marketing online determines your audience and their opinion of you.  What you don’t want to be considered by your audience is a bully and it’s much easier to avoid then you think simply by listening.  Social listening helps you build an engaged audience with a positive brand presence. Listening is hard, even without[…]

Effective conversations

Tell me what’s so social about social media.  Being social is about building relationships, but relationships are quite hard to build offline less online.  How do you build the key relationship component of trust when there’s the chance that the next online conversation you have could be with someone living naked in a trailer down[…]

ailign AutoPost Campaign Planning

ailign (Automated Information) is a resource application for socially connected organizations, our social automation tools help you move fast and engage with your audience in real time as social media posts come to life. Components of a ailign Campaign Setting up a ailign Campaign: The first step is setting up a campaign is to identify[…]

10,000 posts before breakfast

There’s an argument to be had pertaining targeting and volume in marketing as to which is the better approach but what if you could do both?  It’s a redundant question because you, a human, couldn’t.  However, a robot could.  It types a bit faster than you do and it has a tendency to get less[…]

what happens in a digital minute

Digital Minute

A lot happens online in each minute of everyday.  This tremendous storm of content is being consumed by millions everyday at an unsustainable content growth rate.  Moz and Buzzsumo shows that the majority of content marketing has limited impact with 75% of blog posts they analysed getting fewer than 10 social shares and zero links from other[…]