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Good CRM should incorporate Social Automation

CRM was designed to manage client relationships through information collection and management empowering companies to cater directly to their customers/clients extremely effectively and accurate to their needs.  Traditional CRM is dependent on human input making the collected data only as good as your time commitment to keep it up to date. Social automation is all[…]

Next generation AI – Samantha West evolved

Samantha West was a voice recognition auto-response application introduced in mid 2013.  Though not the first of its kind it was unique enough in that it was in its own pre-recorded voice “a real person”.   Voice recognition response is not all that complicated, the application simply looks for key phrases then prompts pre-recorded responses –[…]

social purpose

Be Social with Purpose

Social Media is an excellent and powerful tool when properly leveraged towards a purpose.  Learning how to incorporate meaningful calls to action within posted content is a difficult challenge. What did you post today, this week, this month that included a call to action?  The majority of posts are about lifestyles, experiences, products, services, general[…]

SMRB, Social Media Relationship Building

Social Media is dynamic enough in the management of your friends and family but are you utilizing it as a venue to build customer relationships? So you have 1000 plus friends, what do you know about them?  Do they have common likes and interests?  When was the last time you simply browsed your friend/following list[…]

social media not social

Is Social Media really very social?

If you simply push your information out there without any expectation of feedback, response, or interaction is Social Media really living up to what it’s meant to be?  Would you walk into a coffee shop and spill out 20 minutes of your opinion then simply walk out?  What satisfaction would you get from that?  What[…]

We remember 70% of what we see and hear

Online content strategy is a dynamic planning and development process.  Where information once empowered, it now tends to simply be a distraction to what we really focus on.  This is driven by the world’s largest global marketing battle going on every moment of everyday; the fight to the top of search engines and social channels. […]

digital marketing

Does the 7 contacts to a sale rule still apply?

How does online digital marketing change up the classic 7 contact rule?   Rather than beat someone up with 7 points of contact why not incorporate a passive online marketing strategy that projects your product/service value without wearing out your welcome or your sanity. We’ve all heard about “low hanging fruit”.  That in essence is exactly[…]

social branding or spamming

Social spamming, sorry… I meant “branding”

Forrester Research recently reported spending within social marketing is estimated at over 15.5 billion for 2016.   That’s an amazing number when you consider only 2% of all business communicated social posts are ever responded to according to Lithium Technologies who did a study with 85 brands. Marketing has not yet evolved into social media.  Information[…]

shock words grab attention

I hate you

Everyone online with something to promote or sell is competing for advertising in an exhaustive challenge to out-bid, out-last, and to stand-out from the rest to get to an audience. If the average company doesn’t achieve success through standard social media and blog posts they might resort to creative content often including shock tactics. But[…]

The Power of IMPACT Social Marketing

Quick attention opposed to long lasting impression is one of hardest challenges in marketing. Which has higher impact in your marketing objective and gets you the most attention? Shook marketing is well imbedded into our culture as a marketing strategy but the results are mixed and just like their intentions controversial. Seeking a connection with[…]

What is an Influencer?

If you’ve never done so check out Google Trends Trending Searches.  What you’ll find is the reason an influencer is extremely valuable to your next marketing campaign.  The top several hundred most searched trending topics are 90% specific to people – they are Influencers. People are what we are genuinely interested in, what those people[…]

Graphic branding

The amount of information we are influenced by on a daily basis is so immense it’s difficult to focus on less determine if it has value to you. To mentally survive this vast amount of content being constantly streamed to us we’ve acclimated by effectivity filtering information by visual reference.  As a culture we’ve grown[…]

It’s good to be at the top

How often have you clicked on the “top” #1 spot search result? indicates that the top search result gets about 30% of the clicks.  I personally think this is a bit of an optimistic assumption opposed to an actual statistical fact.  I’d estimate the top spot gets a bit less than 20% of the[…]