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Community Social Digital Marketing

Providing a professional service within a target community is among the most challenging and competitive sales environments.  A single community can be represented by dozens of real estate agents, insurance agents, health service providers, attorneys, bankers, and business consultants.  A community target market has a limited pool of potential consumers that get battered almost daily[…]

Social Media step by step

If you assume LinkedIn has over 450 million users and over 3 million company profile pages, it’s well qualified to be the largest business social platform available. But does it really work for the average business? DMR Stats reports roughly 94% of small businesses use social media but less than 2% of their revenue can be[…]

I’m my own barrier

I tend to find I am my own barrier to online conversation engagement.  I look at many online conversations and make the subconscious decision often “I shouldn’t respond to that”. Is the conversation too political, socially awkward, offensive to some, too emotional, too playful during work hours, not the right tone, a topic I don’t[…]