5Minute FB Sales

The 5 Minute Guide to Dominating Sales on Facebook

The 5 Minute Guide to Dominating Sales on Facebook Brand awareness, Customer Loyalty, Relationship building, Lead Generation – these terms are often used by Marketers to try and emphasize the power and importance behind Social Media Marketing. Whether you’re cultivating potent LinkedIn groups, or driving traffic to a sales page via Facebook ads, you’ve no[…]

We remember 70% of what we see and hear

Online content strategy is a dynamic planning and development process.  Where information once empowered, it now tends to simply be a distraction to what we really focus on.  This is driven by the world’s largest global marketing battle going on every moment of everyday; the fight to the top of search engines and social channels. […]

Graphic branding

The amount of information we are influenced by on a daily basis is so immense it’s difficult to focus on less determine if it has value to you. To mentally survive this vast amount of content being constantly streamed to us we’ve acclimated by effectivity filtering information by visual reference.  As a culture we’ve grown[…]