digital forest

Autodialers, mass email, and social automation! Oh, my!

There are many scary things in the digital jungle to compete with if you’re a small company with a modest marketing budget.    Not utilizing mass distribution of content is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Your target clients are bombarded daily with an assortment of marketing tactics that incorporate mass volume distribution of content[…]

SEO Scam

SEO is not a marketing strategy

Most online marketing professionals would agree that they would like to get a higher level of direct opportunity engagement from search engine positioning.  SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the top sought after online marketing services.  SEO driven sales leads from primary search engines such as Google or Bing result in an estimated 12%[…]

5Minute Check-up

Essential Components of an Online Presence Check-up

The 5 Minute online presence check-up incorporates several influences that directly impact your online presence. SEO Social Media Content Participation CRO According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses. Having a strong online presence is an essential component of your marketing strategy regardless of business size, type, or industry. An online[…]