Social Media Sales Automation

Sales occur when a need surfaces and a product/service is in the right spot at exactly the right time.  Social automation creates the ability to monitor millions of social media data streams for specific needs that fit precisely within your product/service offering genius.  Once a need is identified information is automatically shared directly to the[…]

are you listening?

are you listening?

They are talking about you, are you listening? We talk a lot about social media—the importance for your business to be on it and best practices for you to get started. Another important business challenge is productivity. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about both: how to be productive and consistent on social media.[…]

ailign social automation

Social response engagement to personally connect with new customers

Many companies are engaging prospective and existing customers through intelligent social conversation automation that allows them to participate in thousands of real-time topic specific conversations.  A computer, though not quite as witty as you or I, does seem to have a much better ability to draw from its memory.  This dynamic difference allows a computer[…]

Don’t be a social marketing bully

How you’re marketing online determines your audience and their opinion of you.  What you don’t want to be considered by your audience is a bully and it’s much easier to avoid then you think simply by listening.  Social listening helps you build an engaged audience with a positive brand presence. Listening is hard, even without[…]