ailign attitude

Bot with attitude!

The primary problem with social automation is it’s automated…  Most automated content is bland, has perfect grammar and spelling, lacks quirk, and simply yells out “I’m not human”.  When you subtract human from the conversation it either gets real interesting or simply boring.   If two robots are talking in the forest does it really[…]

ailign social automation

Social response engagement to personally connect with new customers

Many companies are engaging prospective and existing customers through intelligent social conversation automation that allows them to participate in thousands of real-time topic specific conversations.  A computer, though not quite as witty as you or I, does seem to have a much better ability to draw from its memory.  This dynamic difference allows a computer[…]

ailign AutoPost Campaign Planning

ailign (Automated Information) is a resource application for socially connected organizations, our social automation tools help you move fast and engage with your audience in real time as social media posts come to life. Components of a ailign Campaign Setting up a ailign Campaign: The first step is setting up a campaign is to identify[…]

5minutecrm SMART

Social Media Audience Response Tactic – SMART

The 4 components of a Social ai campaign are; Content Call to Action Target Pages Keywords Content – high impact content to get attention. Most readers only briefly scan content images and title content.  Auto response posts get a bit of an advantage as they typically go out as text and email notifications of content[…]