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Micro Social is the ability to place topic specific content directly in front of a targeted audience at exactly the right time.

Social content posted in most forums is presented to a very broad audience and often placed alongside content that can be significantly unrelated or, even worst, sometimes directly competitive.  The concept of being at the right place at the right time is lost on the common use of social media.  The immense desire for fresh content within social venues results in the average visibility of online content being less than 3 seconds.  That 3 seconds is often shared side by side with several other distractions making the venue itself a substantial barrier to the very purpose you are hoping to gain from it.

How some try to leverage their three seconds;

Many simply try to get a lot of them.  By posting often you can increase your chances of building an audience but typically at a cost that negates the benefit of social media.  Posts are easy to apply to simple economics.  If a post takes 30 to 40 minutes to write, 8 to 10 minutes to edit, 3 to 5 minutes to post, and then another 2 to 4 minutes to do a once over you’ve invested almost 1 hour into a post.  At an approximate cost of $30 each post with a potential return of .34 leads. You would need approximately 3 posts to get one client lead.  If you know how many leads you need to a sale you’re well on your way to understanding the barrier to posting often.

Eye candy is a well proven way to expand out those 3 seconds by appealing to a broader audience.  But unfortunately, eye candy doesn’t sell much other than its value in visual appeal which often is complexly unrelated to the product/service itself making the ROI even worse than simply posting without the eye candy.

Big statements do get attention but create either disbelief or confusion down the pipeline as leads come in resulting in greater time being spent with leads that were overpromised and must be talked down from the fence.

How to make your 3 seconds’ count?

If you were only given 3 seconds to make an intro about your product in a do or die scenario here’s what you would do;

  1. Make sure the customer was interested in your topic of choice
  2. Make sure the customer was qualified to buy
  3. Make sure you knew in advance what the best possible use of your product would be to solve the customer’s problem

Certainly, anyone with this advantage should be able to make a good 3 second pitch to buy more time to get to the close.    Knowing the points above can make just 3 seconds very powerful if you know what to say.  Micro Social is a method to make every 3 seconds count online.

Micro Social is about targeting specific venues that cater to your target market, then listening to the conversations taking place in real-time.   Opposed to posting generically and hoping for the best Micro Social is about both about target positioning and knowing when to pull the trigger.

Micro Social Strategy

Confusion runs amok in social media because post content often is anything but to the point.  Rather than directly share what your product/service does many are obsessed with the delusion they’re on social media to build relationships.  For most processionals and customers, they’re about getting to the point.  When meeting someone new don’t you like to get to the point?  The personal nature of what most post as online marketing content is a significant waste of energy and the primary reason the 3 second lifespan will only get shorter and shorter.  The first rule of a Micro Strategy is to get to the point.    Don’t fluff your content, make it specific to your target audience and make it specific to their needs.  Keep response engagements less than 140 characters and always provide a resource call to action like a link to more information.   If you’re going to add media make that media count by making it relevant to the topic.

Now that we’re playing with just a few short sentences within our Social strategy it’s important to use those words carefully.  Common phrases are a great way in leveraging a limited amount of time to get to the point and create something your audience will remember.  They look a little like this;

Win-win  _________

Think out of the  _________

Fall through the _________

On the same _________

We see eye to _________

Ahead of the _________

Raise the _________

These are just a few of many simple phrases that finish themselves and when your audience knows what you’re saying before you finish the sentence it makes getting to the point a win-win.

Fight or flee is a behavioral response deep down in us all and it’s not restricted to dark nights out in the forest alone.  We use this embedded intuition in almost every encounter we have.  Not many lead to a fight but most lead to us fleeing.   Don’t like something much, simply walk away,  don’t want to read more, simply close the book, don’t like what you see, simply scroll up or down.   Keeping it simple and within common sense is the best strategy to keep your audience from fleeing.  If we understand what is presented we are more likely to listen a bit more, we get the need to flee when we’re confused, when what your saying doesn’t make common sense.  “I have the cure cancer”.  This is a bold statement and might be true, but it’s too hard to believe and the result is that you just lost your audience.  “I have a desire to cure cancer”.  That’s a better statement and one in which makes common sense, we’re likely to want to hear more.

Say what your audience would say not what they want to hear.  In sales we’re always told what we want to hear, we’ve evolved to see this tactic a mile away, it simply doesn’t work anymore.  Everyone knows the best way to close a sale is to get your buyer to start repeating the word yes.  Your audience is more likely to mimic you when you start by utilizing their words.  In social media this is simple in that all you need to do is mimic back their initial content you’re responding to while including it in your engagement response.  “I had a really long day” would prompt this type of response; My service is a great way to shorten a “really long day”.  You’ve both qualified your product and maintained their train of thought.

Tell them someone they know loves your product/service.  This is difficult to grasp as within social media there is virtually no way you’re going to know someone utilizing your service that they might know.  Don’t worry you don’t need to know that many people for this to work.  There are people that we all know very well.  Nurses use my service everyday.  My auto mechanic loves this service.  Teachers benefit greatly from my product.  These are people we know within positions that we respect as creditable.  Statement’s that include these types of connections go a long way with little need to elaborate.

Make your Micro engagements memorable.  Like all marketing it often takes many touches to get to a sale.  Shorten the amount of touches by creating memorable content.  The simplest of all marketing tricks used by marketing giants.  Create statements that become synonymous with your product/service.

Think different

Just do it

Save time, Shave Money

15 Seconds

Because your worth it

Got Milk?

Over time these Micro statements will allow you to say a tremendous amount with just a few worlds.  Don’t have a slick product catch phrase?  You’re thinking way to hard about it.  Make it simple as adding the world “smart” in front of your solution.

1 + 1 = 4%.  Numbers get right to the point, even if they are wrong.  I’m not encouraging you to use wrong numbers but the truth is we we’re all bad at math and we’re often impressed by those that seem to have a good handle at it.  When you have impressive numbers don’t be afraid to use them.  Simple statements with numbers can turn them into big statements.  99% of my customers get new business within the 1st day.

There no secret that Pictures are powerful tools to tell stories when used in the right context.  If you have little space to say something big say it in a picture.  But not just any picture.  Make it unique to your offering with clear representation towards your specific call to action.

To be successful at a Micro Social strategy, you have to rethink many aspects of what and how you post content.  Micro Social is as much about targeting a very specific online customer as much as it is about keeping your post content on target and to the point.  When executed properly Micro Social produces immediate results while increasing your return on simple points of contact 2 to 3 times that of general posts if not more.

You’re not unique if you current online marketing strategy produces confusing results and in many cases no results at all.  It’s time to take random out of your social strategy and start thinking about smart Micro targeted campaigns.   With the right tools Micro Social can be managed in which not only do you get the benefits of direct target engagements you can do more of them with automation technology now available.

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